Hi, I'm Hannah, the broke post grad who's great at meeting deadlines and has a real knack for problem solving, which comes in handy when you work in the world of communications and advertising. 



Hannah’s Origin Story

I solve problems: design, production, screenwriting - fire away. I also solve plain old problems.  

I talk a lot, I plan a lot and I work a lot. If you need someone who doesn't stop until the job is done and never misses her mark (except in kickball... then I usually miss the mark), I'm your girl. 

You can email me at hannah.herman@outlook.com or find me on LinkedIn if you want to talk more or just see pictures of my pomsky, Fenway.

Sick of all this professional mumbo jumbo? You can loosen things up with some of my late night doodles and illustrations here.

Want a real resume?


The Abbreviated Version


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Graduate Student at Loyola Marymount University

MFA in Writing and Producing for Television

Bachelor of Science from Boston University

Double Major in Film/TV and Communications with a concentration in Advertising

Cum Laude

Blue Chip Award Recipient

The Blue Chip Award, the most prestigious student honor conferred by the College of Communication, recognizes graduating seniors for their achievements across several categories including academic excellence, leadership in college and university organizations, involvement in professional activities and demonstrated talent in their fields of study.




  • Film Software (Premier Pro, Avid, Final Cut Pro, After Effects)

  • Design Software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver)

  • Project Management Software (Robohead, Gantt, Basecamp)

  • Hyper organized (often mistaken for OCD)

  • Computer Software (Microsoft Suite)

  • Social Media/Web (Wordpress, Weebly, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hootsuite, Medium, Crunchbase and 30+ more from working in SEO for two years)

  • Plays well with others