Check out a few of few of my specs from some of everyone’s favorite series.



The Resident

Conrad finds himself caught between his dad’s funding potential and an adamant Nic and Pravesh when they see the opportunity to help thousands with a chronic illness clinic, the under funded diagnoses that’s sweeping the nation. Once again Nic sees Conrad’s faith in her waiver, a fatal blow to their newly recovered relationship. Pravesh’s personal ties test his better judgment. Chief Bell’s renewed confidence quickly turns deadly when the higher he rises, the further he has to fall, and this time he’s taking the hospital down with him.


Modern Family

When Cam suspects that Manny brought home an unexpected and all too familiar set of guests after orientation (*HINT*HINT* that time Lily brought home lice from school), he sends the whole family into high alert. Allegiances are tested as Jay is determined to protect Joe and Stella’s delicate scalps and Claire refuses to face another outbreak in her home - she has a lot more heads to look out for after all. In the end, it’s Phil who notices Manny also has terrible dandruff just like him!


Big Little Lies

As ‘Bring Your Kid to Work Day’ looms over the nobility of Monterey, Madeline, Celeste and Jane pack up their kindergarteners and seek refuge in the parks to avoid more unrest at home. While there, Celeste and Jane grapple with the question as to whether their boys are better off growing up with a father they hardly knew or no father at all. Madeline stares down a second failed marriage and toys with the idea of life as the third single mom in the group. Back in Monterey, Renata plans a full day of pomp and circumstance to wow her quiet Amabella and murder charges continue to hang ominously over Bonnie.