Sometimes I write my own stuff. Here’s what I have on the docket lately.

Original Series


Diaries of a Guinea Pig | Dramedy

Diaries of a Guinea Pig is an irreverent and raw half-hour dark comedy following Lenny Hargrave as she tackles a chronic illness diagnosis and her golden twenty-fifth year without getting pregnant, married or killed. Welcome to the underworld of the immunosuppressed and chronically ill, where ports, prescriptions and pain pills act as an indefinite life support or death suspension (depending on your perspective), but even they can’t prepare our young heroine and her friends for the trauma that is adulting.

Imagine facing young-adulthood with a picc line that’s bulge under your t-shirt looks strikingly similar to a third nipple. And you thought you hated your twenties? 

Small Business | comedy

After two post-menapausal sisters, Alice and Marjorie, decide to open an escape room in their small town, they inadvertently entangle themselves in their landlord’s small-scale drug operation and everyone knows Alice Cartwright refuses to do anything small-scale. To make matters worse, a detective from the town over joins forces with the town sheriff, better known as Marjorie’s husband.

Each episode is sandwiched between a parallel storyline taking place six months into the future, when Alice and Marjorie find themselves at a DEA blacksite due to illicit drug activity.

Barren | Drama

We meet Marlow and Beau on the worst day of their lives - the day they went to the hospital with a carseat and came home with it empty. Their new house in the suburbs feels empty, their marriage feels empty and they both feel empty. Those ten fingers and ten toes, that tiny eight pound bundle of joy had such a big role to play in their lives and now the whole performance is up in the air.

Together, but completely apart, they face what feels like a barren wasteland.

Student work | mockumentary

In a world only found on college campuses, a small sector of students’ find themselves graced with the unlikely eligibility of… student work, but what actually goes on behind the scenes?

In this riveting web series, we take a look at what quantifies ‘student work’ and the brilliant student minds behind it. From taboo relationships, to misfiled folders and everything in between, you can finally see where the tuition dollars go.